Teaching and Supervision


ATS1320 – Nations at War I: From Napoleon to Gallipoli
ATS2614/ATS3614 – Slavery, Freedom and Revolution: the Enlightenment and the French Revolution
APG4303/APG5303/ATS4303 – Issues in environmental history: Images of the natural world
APG4296/APG5296ATS4296 – Imagining Europe: Representations and images of a continent


Areas of Research & Supervision

European social history, 1600 – 1850
European urban history, 1600 – 1900
Eighteenth-century Europe
French Revolution

Current supervisions

(as main or joint supervisor)

John Cantwell, ‘George Washington: A re-evaluation of the man who became a rebel’

Biruta Flood, ‘The medievalisation of Riga: A study of 19th/20th century architecture and its medieval sources’

Emma Gleadhill, ‘British women travellers and their souvenirs in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century’

Michaela Hill, ‘Cristina Roccati: Her Life and Times’

Sophie Matthiesson, ‘ The Artist in Prison in the French Revolution’

Stephanie Rocke, ‘Defining the concert Mass’

Barry Sturman, ‘Fireworks and Chemistry: Interactions between chemistry and pyrotechny from the mid 18th century’

Jolanta Styczen, ‘Reporting the War of the Polish Succession in the early English press’

Carl Umber, ‘The language of contagion in late 18th century America’

Completed PhDs

Peter Baer, ‘Migration from Scotland to the Commonwealth of Poland-Lithuania, 1500-1800’, 2009

James Cannon, ‘Paris-zone: cultural representations of the “zone non aedificandi”, 1840-1945’, 2009

Alexander Otto-Morris, ‘The Landvolkbewegung and the Rise of National Socialism in Schleswig-Holstein’, 2007

Julie Burbidge, ‘The French and American Enlightenments’, 2002

Alexandra Michel, ‘The Paris Food Industry in the Eighteenth Century’, 1998