Dr Debbie Kirkwood

Dr Debbie Kirkwood is a researcher at the Domestic Violence Resource Centre Victoria (DVRCV). DVRCV is a statewide service that produces resources and provides training and advocacy on family violence related topics. DVRCV recently released a discussion paper, authored by Debbie, on filicide, ‘Just Say Goodbye’: Parents who kill their children in the context of separation. The paper highlights the significance of separation in intentional filicides by parents and explores gender differences in perpetrators.

Debbie undertook her Arts (hon) degree at Monash and also completed a PhD at Monash in 2000. Her PhD examined female perpetrated homicides in Victoria.

Debbie has worked in policy/research positions for the Federation of Community Legal Centres and Victorian Community Council Against Violence (Department of Justice) and has taught criminology at Deakin University, Geelong.

Currently Debbie is working on a project which has received funding from the Victorian Women’s Trust on defences to homicide. This project is a collaboration between DVRCV and Dr Danielle Tyson from Criminology, Monash University. The project is looking at what has been happening with defences to homicide in Victoria since substantial reforms in 2006, particularly in relation to the introduction of defensive homicide.