• Research interests

    Social justice pedagogy

    Power and privilege in research


    Regional social sustainability

    Youth justice and child protection 

    Emancipatory and anti-oppressive welfare practice

    Arts based qualitative research methods

    Research projects

    2012-2013 Stories of Safety: This project seeks to improve the quality of experience, life and well-being of women and men living and working in supported accommodation. A key aim is to identify interpersonal violence by creating opportunities to explore feelings of safety and security. The project will use appropriate alternative communication methods to facilitate story-telling to learn more about experiences of intimidation and assault so that greater safety can be ensured through responsive and preventative strategies. By listening to people with disabilities we will learn ways to ensure they can speak out and get help to prevent and stop violence that they may experience. 

    2010 – Images of Home: “Children’s Creative Response to the Changing Landscape of Officer”
    Using state of the art sound capture technology, participants will be encouraged to ‘capture’ and then play with the sounds of their environment to explore their aural connection to their landscape. In this way they will map out their social connection through soundlines, and ‘recapture’ their own sense of home in a rapidly changing environment. 

    2009 – Everything Effects Everything Else: Power, perception and hidden forms of restrictive practice in shared supported accommodation
    The aim of this research was to contribute to improving the quality of life and dignity of people living in shared supported accommodation who are subject to restrictive practices, defined in the Disability Services Act 2006. 

    2009 – Innovative use of on-line role-plays for university teaching
    A cross-disciplinary project exploring teaching technologies.

    Other research projects

    2009-2010 – Building Family and Community Resilience in Cardinia Growth Corridor: a case study of Officer
    A collaborative multidisciplinary project engaging seven industry partners including government and non-government agencies, community organisations and residents to facilitate the development of an enriched and well-resourced community in the context of rapid urban development.
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    2012 Stories of Safety: Creating inclusive, participatory and respectful ways to recognise, speak about and stop violence in shared supported accommodation. DHS Disability Donations Trust.

    2010 – Images of Home: “Children’s Creative Response to the Changing Landscape of Officer”
    VicHealth TASC (Technology and Social Connection) 

    2009 – Innovative use of on-line role-plays for university teaching
    Cross-disciplinary project. SAMSS Grant