HDR Supervision

Dharma supervises a number of Honours, Masters and PhD students. Some are listed below

Postgraduate research students currently being supervised include:

Student Topic Supervisor / s
Jenny Martin National and cultural identity among Australians of Chinese heritage Associate Professor Dharma Arunachalam/Dr Helen Forbes-Mewett
Andrew Rush Socio-economic differentials in life satisfaction in Australia Associate Professor Dharma Arunachalam/Dr Kirsten McLean
Pragati Dubey Gender and ethnic dimensions of child malnutrition in India Associate Professor Dharma Arunachalam/Professor Parthasarathy (IITB)
Bhavna Rajgopal Young women’s reproductive health in India Associate Professor Dharma Arunachalam/Associate Professor Mrinmoyi Kulkarni (IITB)
Kailash Tandel Lives and Livelihoods of Kolis in Mumbai Associate Professor Dharma Arunachalam/Professor Marika Viziany/Professor Parthasarathy (IITB)
Kien Nguyen Social capital and disaster resilience in Vietnam Dr Helen Forbes-Mewett/Associate Professor Dharma Arunachalam
HarryTan A study of older ‘homeless’ persons in Singapore Dr Helen Forbes-Mewett/Associate Professor Dharma Arunachalam
Paul Satur Water sensitive practices and social inequality in Australia Associate Professor Jo Lindsay/Associate Professor Dharma Arunachalam
Ali Saha Representation of major communal riots in Indian media Dr Samanthi Gunawardhana/Associate Professor Dharma Arunachalam
Mursha Gapasin Moving from path dependence to sustainable agriculture in northern Phillipines Professor Alan Petersen/Associate Professor Dharma Arunachalam

Research topics of select past students

  • Immigration, identity, social capital and migrant integration:
  • Social Capital in Australia
  • Young Australians perception of their national identities
  • Ethnic identity among young Australian women of Greek heritage
  • Second-generation Turkish Australian Muslim women
  • Cultural Integration of Academic Migrants
  • Attitudes toward Australian Muslims
  • (Un)wanted people in Hong Kong
  • Internal Migration in Maldives
  • Population dynamics;
  • Australian fertility debate
  • Fertility Differentials in Australia
  • Family Formation and Contraception in New Zealand
  • Population in Environment debates in Australia;
  • Adolescent Fertility in Malawi
  • The social context of Lamaholots’ fertility desires
  • Reproductive and child health
  • Children’s Diet and Level of Physical Activity
  • Child Malnutrition in Nepal
  • Utilization of Child Health Services in Bangladesh
  • Women’s Autonomy and Reproductive Health in Bangladesh
  • Other
  • Incomes of Individuals and Families in New Zealand

Teaching areas: Social Research Methods, Population and Society, Social Research Practice and Introduction to Sociology