Eleanor Meyer

  • Eleanor is an engaging public speaker, entrepreneur and business woman. Eleanor Meyer was a Masters by Research student at Monash University until early 2014.  Driven to action by climate change, Eleanor has created a recycling app that helps Australians find out what they can recycle more easily. Since 2013, Eleanor has established a social enterprise ... Read more
  • Rusted, old shipwreck, Tuvalu. Photo credit: INABAB Tomoaki The effects of climate change will be felt first by the poor and the vulnerable. The vulnerable communities in the Pacific will be among the first to be displaced. Let’s take a look at why. Tuvalu is a Polynesian island nation located in the Pacific Ocean somewhere between Hawaii ... Read more
  •   Environmental migrants are in legal limbo when it comes to recognition (McAdam, 2009, 589). The reasons for this follow. Initially, the phenomenon was held under the heading “environmental refugees”. The term’s sense of urgency and displacement suited the interests of the early academics (see Essam El-Hinnawi (1985), Jodi Jacobson (1988) and Norman Myers 1997). Once ... Read more
  •   What is environmental migration? The point of departure here is what most people already know. Most people can relay the dictionary definitions of what is a “migrant” and what is “migration”. Most people also have a good understanding of what climate change is. These people thereby conclude that environmental migration is when people migrate because ... Read more
  • Hi! My name is Eleanor Meyer. This blog is my Thesis blog. I will be using this blog to upload interesting insights that I come across throughout the process of my thesis. These insights will be academic and fully referenced, but they will be accessible to the public. Officially, my thesis utilises a critical frame analysis ... Read more