Dr Elissa Sutherland

  • Dr Elissa Sutherland completed her BA with first-class honours at the University of Tasmania in 1997. She majored in Sociology and Geography and Environmental Studies. In 1998 She completed her Law degree, specialising in Medical, Family, Trade Union, Criminal, Tax and Antarctic law.  In 2003 she was awarded her Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Newcastle.

    Her PhD examined the role of home-based workers in the Australian clothing industry and her research actively engaged with debates and regulatory processes shaping the industry and urban labour markets of inner western Sydney. 

    Dr Sutherland is accustomed to working in cross-cultural contexts. Her key strength is in drawing on the personal histories and experiences of groups and individuals to provide insights to regulators about appropriate governance. Elissa has experience in a wide array of research areas, including labour market research, urban change, and social enterprise development. 

    Teaching specialties include: public space, placemaking, sustainable cities, sharing prosperity, economic landscapes, regional development. labour market issues, and histories of urban geography.

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