Professor Erik Eklund

  • I currently supervise higher degree students in the fields of urban and regional history as well as Australian labour, political, and environmental history. I’d welcome proposals from prospective students in these and related fields. My most recent PhD completions at Monash include- Cheryl Glowrey, ‘An environmental history of Corner Inlet, South Gippsland, Victoria’, 2012 Kay Steel, ‘To the ... Read more
  • Thanks to those people who have already commented on these works-in-progress. I’ve recently added another draft chapter I have been working on for the ‘Radical Newcastle’ project ‘Radical Protest in Newcastle (Australia) in the late Nineteenth Century’,  Draft Chapter for the ‘Radical Newcastle Project’, December, 2012. Radical Newcastle Chapter ‘An Incident at Mount Morgan: company and class loyalties ... Read more
  • Article in The Conversation on Bush Fires and Cultural Heritage, 30 October, 2013 ABC Radio National – Bush Telegraph interview on Mount Isa and lead pollution, 18 June 2013 ABC ‘By Design’ Panel Discussion on Designing Mining Towns, 13 March 2013 Life Matters Interview, Life Matters, ABC Radio National, Australia, 27 September, 2012 Opinion Piece: Melbourne and Mining History, Monash ... Read more