Postgraduate Supervision

I currently supervise higher degree students in the fields of urban and regional history as well as Australian labour, political, and environmental history. I’d welcome proposals from prospective students in these and related fields.

My most recent PhD completions at Monash include-

Cheryl Glowrey, ‘An environmental history of Corner Inlet, South Gippsland, Victoria’, 2012

Kay Steel, ‘To the bitter end: the 1977 State Electricity Commission of Victoria maintenance workers’ dispute’, 2011.

I have 6 previous completions and have been active as a supervisor since 1997.

Postgraduate Examinations

I have examined several PhD theses, mostly in Australian history and Australian studies, for candidates from the University of Sydney, University of Queensland, University of Technology – Sydney, and James Cook University.

I have also examined a Masters of Communication dissertation from Monash, an M.Lit from the University of Newcastle, and a BA (Hons) thesis from the Australian Catholic University.