PhD in Classics (2002) University of Kent, UK
Thesis: Studies in Ancient Erotic Mythology: Ritual and Literary values of Initiation Patterns.

MA in Latin literature (1998) University of Leeds, UK
Dissertation: A comparison of Meleager’s Hellenistic epigrams with Propertius’ Elegies in the ‘Monobiblos’. Other Subjects: Roman Comedy: Plautus, Terence, Menander and their commentators: A. Gelius, A. Donatus.

Ptychion in Classical Philology (1997) Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece

Additional Qualifications

Certificate in Akkadian (2009) Macquarie University, Australia

Certificate in Cuneiform Scripts (2009) Macquarie University, Australia

Certificate in Hittite (2010) Macquarie University, Australia

Certificate in Biblical Hebrew (2010) Macquarie University, Australia

Teaching Qualifications

GCHE: Graduate Certificate of Higher Education, School of Education, Monash University (2009)

ATAP: Associate Teacher Accreditation Programme, Unit for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching, University of Kent (2005).