Research themes

Pascal’s wager, arguments about the existence of God, arguments from evil, cosmological arguments, creationism, epistemology of religious belief, gods, infinity, multi-faith dialogue, omnipotence, ontological arguments, philosophy in australia and new zealand, philosophy of religion, religious disagreement, teleological arguments


Title: A History of Australasian Philosophy.
Investigators: Oppy, G
Funding: (2006 – 2010). Australian Research Council (ARC).

Title: Effective pedagogy for improving critical thinking.
Investigators: Bigelow, J, Gold, I, Korb, K, Oppy, G
Funding: (2003 – 2007). Australian Council for Educational Research.

(2003 – 2007). Australian Research Council (ARC).

(2003 – 2007). Department of Education, Science & Training.

Title: Models of Divinity.
Investigators: Oppy, G, Trakakis, N
Funding: (2010 – 2014). Australian Research Council (ARC).

(2010 – 2014). Monash University.

Title: Neglected Problems of Time: Metaphysical and topological issues arising from the physics of time.
Investigators: Oppy, G, Handfield, T, Loewer, B, Butterfield, J, Bird, A
Funding: (2009 – 2013). Australian Research Council (ARC).

Title: Philosophical Foundations for Probabilistic Inference and Probabilistic Prediction.
Investigators: Oppy, G, Dowe, D
Funding: (2003 – 2009). Australian Research Council (ARC).