Dr Helen Forbes-Mewett

Dr Helen Forbes-Mewett is Senior Lecturer in Sociology and interdisciplinary researcher in the School of Social Sciences at Monash University, Australia. Helen is also Research Associate of the Center on Violence at West Virginia University, US and member of the Victorian Government Research Institute on Social Cohesion (RIOSC). Helen holds a BA (Psychology and Humanities), BA (Hons in Sociology, First Class) and PhD from Monash. She was an Australian Research Council Post-Doctoral Fellow (2010-2013). Her interdisciplinary work focuses on human security, migration, cultural diversity, international education and social cohesion in relation to both migrant and receiving communities. Dr Forbes-Mewett also holds the following roles:

Victorian Multicultural Commission, Regional Advisory Council member

♦ Program Leader, Migration and Social Cohesion in the Centre for Social & Population Research

♦ Arts Faculty Focus Program member: Population, Migration & Social Inclusion (PMSI)

♦ Sociology Representative on SoSS Research Committee

♦ Sociologists at Monash S@M Research Network Coordinator

♦ Member of the Communities’ Council on Ethnic Issues (Eastern Region) Inc.

♦ Member of the Victorian Government Research Institute on Social Cohesion (RIOSC)

♦ Partner Agent, Chinese Centre for Holistic Health

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International Student Safety and Security (i3S) Conference for students and parents, Beijing, China. March 17. 2018. Chair and Keynote: Dr Helen Forbes-Mewett

♦  Appointed Victorian Multicultural Commission, Regional Advisory  Council member

New Sociology unit in Prato! http://artsonline.monash.edu.au/population-migration-and-social-inclusion/dr-helen-forbes-mewett-leads-new-sociology-research-unit-at-monash-prato/

Be nice to your mind! Program for improving Chinese student mental health. Centre for Holistic Health (Forbes-Mewett, Partner Agent)/Study Melbourne  

New review of International Students and crime (Forbes-Mewett et al. 2015) by Dely Lazarte Elliot (HERD 23 May 2017) 

Research by engagement to better understand our communitiesChinese immigrants’ changing values and perceptions of funeral rites in the context of multicultural  Australia (with Assoc Prof Gil-Soo Han, Dr Wilfred Wang & SMCT)

SBS Mandarin Podcast link (interview with Dr Wilfred Wang)

Chinese social media app – WeChat

Executive Summary (Gil-soo Han, Helen Forbes-Mewett & Wilfred Wang 2017)  (PDF)

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