Dr Helen Tebble

  • Adjunct Associate Professor (Research)

    As an applied linguist Dr Tebble has lectured and examined in the professional education and development of interpreters for twelve years. For seventeen years she also taught and examined other professionals during their undergraduate, graduate and professional development programs how to work effectively with interpreters and translators. She has twenty years’ experience as a researcher in interpreting studies and was Head of the Research Section of the Centre for Research and Development in Interpreting and Translating, National Language and Literacy Institute of Australia. Dr Tebble was Convenor of the Linguistics Program at Deakin University. She has supervised and examined Honours, MA and PhD theses in interpreting, translation studies and linguistics; and is an invited speaker at national and international conferences.


    BA (Hons) Linguistics (Monash)
    M.Litt. Applied Linguistics (Edinburgh)
    PhD Linguistics (Monash)
    TPTC Burwood Teachers’ College