Associate Professor Helga Kuhse


 School of Philosophical, Historical & International Studies

Director, Centre for Human Bioethics 1992-1998

Currently Senior Honorary Research Fellow, Centre for Human Bioethics.


  • Medical end-of-life decisions
  • Resource allocation
  • New reproductive technologies
  • Nursing ethics


Selected Books

A Companion to Bioethics, (2nd ed.) (ed. with Peter Singer), Malden, Oxford: Blackwell, forthcoming.

The Bioethics Reader – Editors’ Choice, (ed. with Ruth Chadwick, Willem E. Landman et al), Malden, Oxford, Melbourne: Blackwell, 2007.

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A Companion to Bioethics (ed. with Peter Singer), Oxford: Blackwell, 1998.

The Allocation of Health Care Resources – An ethical evaluation of the QALY approach, (with John McKie, Peter Singer and Jeff Richardson), Aldershot: Dartmouth, 1998.

Caring: Nurses, Women and Ethics, Oxford and Maldon: Basil Blackwell, 1997. (Swedish translation: Kvinnor, Sjuksköterskor och Etik, Stockholm: Thales, 1999; Japanese edition published by Medicus, 1999; Italian edition, Prendersi Cura, Torino: Einaudi – Edizione di Comunità, 2000; Danish edition, forthcoming. Portugese edition under negotiation.)

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Selected Articles

“End-of-Life Decisions in medical practice: a survey of doctors in Victoria (Australia)”, (with D.A. Neill, C.A. Coady and J. Thompson), Journal of Medical Ethics, Vol. 33, 2007, pp. 721-725.

“Bioethics and the Mass Media”, in Bioetica e mass media – La questioni della privacy e della buona informazione (ed. Mauricio Balistrery e Simona Pollo), Milano: Edizioni Angelo Guerini e Associati, 2004, pp. 113-130.

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“The practical ethics of Peter Singer”, in Peter Singer: Unsanctifying Human Life, ed. Helga Kuhse, Oxford and Malden, Mass.: Blackwell Publishers, 2002, pp. 1-14. (Italian translation “L’etica practica di Peter Singer”, Bioetica – Revista Interdisciplinare, Vol. 10, No. 3, October 2003, pp. 424-438.

“Should cloning be banned for the sake of the child?”, Poiesis & Praxis, Vol. 1, No. 1, December 2001, pp. 17-34.

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