Research interests

  • Second language acquisition;
  • Second language teaching pedagogy: Including teaching methodology and technology and their effects of different teaching pedagogy on language teaching and learning;
  • Teaching Chinese as a second/heritage language;
  • Language curriculum development and learner needs analysis;
  • Cross-cultural communication and language teaching;
  • Chinese immigrants and language use 

Research Grants

  • Chen C. &Huang, H.  (2016) Development of Technically-enhanced and Culturally-adaptive ARRB Hawkeye Software. Monash Engineering-Arts Interdisciplinary Research Scheme
  • Grant, S., Huang, H., S. Pasfield-Neofitou and Y. Lan  (2014) Enhancing tertiary Chinese foreign language learning through task-based language learning in 3D multiuser virtual environments”, OLT Seed Project
  • Cordella, M, Browning, C., &  Huang, H (2010- 2014) “Connecting younger second language learners and older bilinguals: Intergenerational, intercultural encounters and second language development”, ARC Linkage 
  • Grant, S. Huang, H. Pasfield-Neofitou, S, Jiang, W, Pena, M, Abraham,. (2012) “Foreign language anxiety” LCNAU seed funding
  • Huang H. (2010) “Digitalisation of Chinese language mainstream curriculum” LCL teaching development funds
  • Huang, H. (2009) “Enhancing the literacy of English Chinese Heritage Language Learners” Teaching-led research grant, Arts Faculty of Monash University;
  • Hong, L. Huang, H. Grant, S. et al.(2008) “The international consortium for Chinese intercultural language learning” ISIF grant, Monash University
  • Grant, S., Huang, H, Hong L. et al. (2008) “The ICT teaching through Hanyu net” ISIF grant, Monash University;
  • Huang, H. (2007) “Learner needs analysis and Chinese curriculum development” Teaching-led research grant, Arts Faculty of Monash University