I supervise students jointly with supervisors from cognitive neuroscience and philosophy (Monima Chadha, Jennifer Windt, Nao Tsuchiya, Jeroen van Boxtel, Steve Miller and Peter Enticott). I welcome inquiries from prospective MA and PhD students with skills in interdisciplinary neuroscience and philosophy.

Current students:  Noam Gordon (PhD), Julian Matthews (PhD), Tessa Jones (PhD), Colin Palmer (PhD), Ryoji Sato (PhD).
Past students: Bryan Paton (PhD), Warren du Preez (PhD), Jonas Christensen (PhD, Denmark/Edinburgh), Brunton Stewart (PhD, Monash), David Kalkman (MA).

David Kalkman’s thesis Naturalistic Explanations of Religious Belief – And their Philosophical Implications, jointly supervised with Graham Oppy was awarded 2012 Faculty of Arts Best Masters Thesis Award and the 2012 Vice-Chancellor’s Commendation for Masters Thesis Excellence. David published a nice paper from the thesis.

Bryan Paton recently submitted his thesis and was awarded a 1-year postdoctoral bridging fellowship from the School of Psychology and Psychiatry, Monash University. Bryan will be working at the Monash Biomedical Imaging facility, in collaboration with the Philosophy & Cognition lab.