Associate Professor JaneMaree Maher

Associate Professor JaneMaree Maher is Associate Professor in the Centre for Women’s Studies and Gender Research, Sociology in the School of Social Sciences.

My research is focused on women’s work and family, and on motherhood and family life. I am currently involved in a range of projects that critically examine the interactions of families and societies. A number of these projects explore how neo-liberal discourses of health and consumption impact on the relationships between mothers and children and how families respond to circulating discourses about consumption and responsibility. My current focus is the ARC funded DP160100257 Children as health advocates in families: assessing the consequences which critically explores the mobilisation of children as vectors for public messages and objectives.

I am involved in a number of gendered violence  projects focused on how criminal justice mobilises notions of femininity and masculinity  gender in crime and and punishment.

In 2014, I was the winner of  Dean’s Award for Excellence in Higher Degree by Research Supervision, Faculty of Arts. This award was given for ‘exemplary support and direction of graduate researchers’.  In 2011, Dr Karolyne Quinn’s thesis on clinical responses to childhood sexual abuse survivors, for which I was the main supervisor, won the University’s Mollie Holman Medal for outstanding doctoral research in the Faculty of Arts.

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  • The research team completed our pilot project at Kensington Primary School: the report provided to the School can be accessed here. Our sincere thanks to all involved for all their support. School Food Programs Report 2016 Read more
  • Widespread public concern with obesity means children are seen as advocates for change in family health practices. This study Child health advocacy  examines how health knowledge taken home by primary aged children impacts on children’s well-being, family food practices, and family relationships. It investigates the consequences for children and families, with particular attention to diverse family ... Read more
  • Seear, K., Fraser, S., Wright, J., Maher, JM. & Petersen, A. (2010). ‘Peeling away the onion’: Report on a national consultation on childhood obesity research, policy and practice in Australia, Monograph. Clayton Vic: Centre for Women’s Studies and Gender Research, School of Political and Social Inquiry, Faculty of Arts, Monash University. Pickering, S.,  Maher, J. & Gerard, A. (2009) Final Report to ... Read more

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