Dr Jarrett Blaustein

I am a lecturer in Criminology in the School of Social Sciences and the Major Convener for Criminology. My research currently focuses on four areas:

  1. Crime, development and security in the context of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development
  2. Global mobility of crime control policies
  3. Secondary harm mitigation in the context of international drug law enforcement
  4. Examining the ‘life-cycle’ of youth-related public disorder in Victoria, Australia

My research has appeared in leading criminology journals including the European Journal of Criminology, Policing & Society and Theoretical Criminology.

In 2015 I published a sole-authored book titled Speaking Truths to Power: Policy Ethnography and Police Reform in Bosnia and Herzegovina with Oxford University Press.

Prior to joining Monash Criminology, I held a lectureship at Aberystwyth University (2013-2015) and I completed my PhD at the University of Edinburgh (2009 – 2013).