Dr Jeremy Breaden

  • Teaching and Supervision in Japanese/Asian studies

    Research: I am interested in contemporary social issues in Japan, education and employment systems, and globalisation and internationalisation in various East Asian contexts.

    Biography: I began my academic career in 2011; previously I have worked as a Japanese-English translator and an international communications consultant to higher education institutions and private corporations in Japan.

  • I was recently invited by Hitotsubashi University, Japan to give a keynote presentation at a roundtable on university internationalisation. The roundtable was attended by Hitotsubashi’s President, as well as several Vice Presidents and Deans. The other invited keynote speaker was Professor Norihiko Suzuki, President of Akita International University. The title of my presentation was: ‘University internationalisation as ... Read more
  • International students graduating from Japanese universities are becoming an important component of graduate recruitment strategy in globalising Japanese firms. They are praised for possessing exactly the kinds of attributes seen as lacking in their Japanese counterparts – such as intercultural communication skills, self-confidence and a competitive spirit. Their value is also emphasised in national policies ... Read more
  • New book out now! In the twenty-first century, the concept of internationalisation remains a crucial tool for understanding the dynamics of globalising processes. It draws attention to the dimensions of conscious action in inter- and trans-national phenomena, connecting globalisation with individuals’ experience of everyday life. This book explores how internationalisation is imagined, discussed and operationalised in ... Read more
  • I gave the keynote address at the Global 30 Wrap-Up Symposium, Fukuoka, Japan on 14 February 2014. Global 30 is the Japanese government’s flagship programme for university internationalisation. The symposium brought together 500 policymakers, researchers and practitioners to review progress made over the five year term of the programme and to discuss challenges for the future. Symposium website: http://www.uni.international.mext.go.jp/info/2013/11/g30-wrap-up-symposium/ Read More... Read more