Dr Jeremy Breaden

  • Jeremy Breaden lectures in Japanese/Asian Studies in the Faculty of Arts. He is interested in contemporary social issues in Japan, education and employment systems, and globalisation and internationalisation in various East Asian contexts. Jeremy began his academic career in 2011; previously he worked as an international communications consultant to higher education institutions and private corporations in Japan.


    Teaching and Supervision



  • Jeremy is giving the keynote address at the Global 30 Wrap-Up Symposium, Fukuoka, Japan on 14 February 2014. Global 30 is the Japanese government’s flagship programme for university internationalisation. The symposium will bring together policymakers, researchers and practitioners to review progress made over the five year term of the programme and to discuss challenges for the future. Symposium website: http://www.uni.international.mext.go.jp/info/2013/11/g30-wrap-up-symposium/ ... Read more