Recent publication in I Tatti Studies

My article “Politics, Pedagogy, and Praise: Three Literary Texts Dedicated to Eleonora d’Aragona, Duchess of Ferrara” was recently published in Volume 19, no 2 of I Tatti Studies in the Italian Renaissance. It contains an analysis of three literary treatises associated with Eleonora d’Aragona (1450-1493) over the course of her tenure as duchess of Ferrara from 1473 to her death. In the late fifteenth-century, it was common for women of nobler blood than their husbands to deputise for them while they absented themselves for military or recreational reasons. The literary treatises act as a mirror to the socio-cultural changes occurring in the Ferrarese court as Eleonora evolved from a Neapolitan princess to a symbol of Ferrarese stability and leadership in the latter stages of her political career. Similarly, the content of the treatises are suggestive of Eleonora’s own tastes as the writers attempted to court her patronage by portraying women as capable of feats of governance equal to and even better than their menfolk.