Johan Lidberg

  • I am Senior Lecturer in journalism in the School of School of Media, Film and Journalism, MFJ, at Monash University, Melbourne, Australia. I teach Journalism Law and Ethics at undergraduate and post graduate levels and supervise honours and PhD students. My main research areas are Freedom of Information, access to information and media accountability and journalism ethics.

    I will also supervise post graduate students in the following areas:

    • Information access and WikiLeaks
    • Freedom of speech and public interest issues
    • Business and financial reporting
    • Political reporting
    • Reporting climate change
    • Reporting war and conflict

    This blog describes my research and will also contain opinion and comment pieces related to my areas of interest. In the publications menu you will find some of my journal articles in full text version and links to those available on-line.

    My email is:

Latest News & Opinion

  • In 2014 I’ll retain research focus on my two main areas: information access and media accountability. Close to half of Australia’s Freedom of Information (FOI) laws are now amended and updated (FOI 2.0). Preliminary findings from a study comparing Victoria’s 1982 law (FOI 1.0) with the federal amended law show that the users found it quicker ... Read more
  • My response to former journalism academic, author and journalist, Rachel Buchanan’s claim that journalism degrees are built on a lie. Published in New Matilda. Fairfax turned down the response in spite of Buchanan’s allegations being quite serious. So much for ‘right of reply’ and ‘fairness and balance’. Read more
  • Mediawatch Sep 16 2013 Below is my full response to the questions from Mediawatch: What is the significance of the High Court’s decision not to allow an appeal in the Liu v The Age case? The High Court decision means that it shares Justice McCallum’s interpretation of the NSW version of the journalistic ‘shield law’ provision as ... Read more
  • Mine and Martin Hirst’s summary of the media accountability merry-go-round in Australia in the wake of the News of the World debacle. This is the introdcution. The full article is available in the inaugural issue of the new online journal Political Economy of Communication. ‘On July 10, 2011, Rupert Murdoch closed the News of the World, ... Read more
  • My analysis of the first proper test of one of the Australian Shield Laws for journalists published in the Conversation. Read more
  • Expert panel P1 Morgon (Swedish equivalent of ABC Radio National Breakfast), August 8, 2013. Read more
  • Interview for Syn FM, Melbourne, February, 11, 2013. Read more
  • ‘Whistleblowers (AFL) need anonymity’, interview for the Age article, February 10, 2013. ‘Social Media and Free Speech’, May, 14, 2013, Radio Australia Pacific, Morning Program, 10 minute interview. Expert panel on Julian Assange and the Swedish rape laws, ABC Radio National, Late Night Live, June, 18, 2012. Expert panel on Australian Information Commissioner report on Freedom of Information ... Read more
  • Nick McKenzie and Richard Baker have won their quest to protect the source in one of their Securency note printing Australia stories. This is a great outcome for whistleblower and source protection in Australia. The full story is here. Read more
  • New Matilda and mojo published my last piece on media accountability. You can also read it in full below. Well, that’s it, after two major inquiries into Australian media and thousands of pages of submissions and reports the Gillard government tried to ram through a set of complex legislation in nine days. Predictably most of it ... Read more