Dr Jonathan Smith

Jonathan Smith is a Research Fellow in Sociology at the School of Social Sciences. His research examines processes of change and inequality in life pathway formation, with a focus on young people and their emerging identities, values and aspirations. Much of Jonathan’s work is concerned with better understanding the factors that enable and constrain young people’s opportunities in a range of domains including work and study, relationships and housing, and digital media use.

Jonathan administers the Social Futures and Life Pathways of Young People (‘Our Lives’) Project, which is a longitudinal ARC Discovery Project tracking the career and family pathways of young people growing up in Queensland, Australia.

He is also a Chief Investigator on the Housing + Transport Affordability project, an interdisciplinary study that aims to measure and illustrate the relationship between transport costs and housing affordability in Melbourne, Australia.

Jonathan coordinates the Communities & Infrastructure research program within the Centre for Social and Population Research (CSPR) at Monash.


Recent publications (see ‘publications‘ for complete list)

Smith, J.
 and Skrbiš, Z. (2017) ‘A social inequality of motivation? The relationship between beliefs about academic success and young people’s educational attainment’British Educational Research Journal (early online access)


Tomaszewski, W., Smith, J., Parsell, C., Tranter, B., Laughland-Booÿ, J., Skrbiš, Z. (2016) ‘Young, anchored and free? Examining the dynamics of early housing pathways in Australia’, Journal of Youth Studies (online first). 



Smith, J. and Skrbiš, Z. (2016) ‘Arenas of comfort and conflict: Peer relationship events and young people’s educational attainment’. Journal of Youth Studies, 19(5): 646-664.