Dr Jonathan Smith

Jonathan Smith is a Research Fellow in Sociology at the School of Social Sciences. His research examines processes of change and inequality in life pathway formation, with a focus on young people and their emerging identities, values and aspirations. Much of Jonathan’s work is concerned with better understanding the factors that enable and constrain young people’s opportunities in a range of domains including work and study, relationships and housing, and digital media use.

Jonathan administers the Social Futures and Life Pathways of Young People (‘Our Lives’) Project, which is a longitudinal ARC Discovery Project tracking the career and family pathways of young people growing up in Queensland, Australia.

He is also a Chief Investigator on the Housing + Transport Affordability project, an interdisciplinary study that aims to measure and illustrate the relationship between transport costs and housing affordability in Melbourne, Australia.

Jonathan coordinates the Communities & Infrastructure research program within the Centre for Social and Population Research (CSPR) at Monash.


Recent publications (see ‘publications‘ for complete list)

Saberi, M., Wu, H., Amoh-Gyimah, R., Smith, J. & Arunachalam, D. (2017). ‘Measuring housing and transport affordability: A case study of Melbourne, Australia‘. Journal of Transport Geography, 65, 134-146.


Smith, J.
 and Skrbiš, Z. (2017) ‘A social inequality of motivation? The relationship between beliefs about academic success and young people’s educational attainment’British Educational Research Journal, 43(3), 441-465.


Tomaszewski, W., Smith, J., Parsell, C., Tranter, B., Laughland-Booÿ, J., Skrbiš, Z. (2016) ‘Young, anchored and free? Examining the dynamics of early housing pathways in Australia’, Journal of Youth Studies, 20(7), 904-926.