Professor Jude McCulloch

  • Professor Jude McCulloch is a Professor of Criminology.

    Prior to working in universities, Professor McCulloch worked as a lawyer for 16 years.  Her practices as a lawyer involved providing legal services to disadvantaged members of the community, running test cases, involvement in law reform, and developing legal policy at all levels.

    Her research focuses on the narrowing gap between war and crime counter measures and the impacts of this for justice and society. She has researched and published on the militarization of policing, counter terrorism laws and policing, and the politics of security and law and order. Her research is widely published including in leading scholarly journals. It has also been selected for republication in prestigious encyclopedias as leading contributions to the field. Her recent books are State Crime and Resistance (Elizabeth Stanley and Jude McCulloch) and Crime and Borders: Pre:Crime Mobility and Serious Harm in the Age of Globalization (with Sharon Pickering). Her current research focuses on the increasing tendency for criminal justice counter measures to preempt crime. Her book Pre-Crime: Preemption, Precaution and Future Crime (with Sharon Pickering and Dean Wilson) will be published by Routledge in 2015.

    Professor McCulloch has degrees in Law, Commerce and Criminology.


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