Professor Jude McCulloch

Jude McCulloch is a Professor of Criminology in the School of Social Sciences with degrees in Law, Commerce and Criminology.

Prior to entering academia, Jude worked as a community lawyer, where she ran test cases, participated in social justice campaigns and engaged in law reform and policy change. Her research focuses on the growing integration of war and crime and the impacts of this on justice and society. She has published widely on the militarization of police, counter terrorism laws and policing, and the politics of security and law and order. Her latest research is on pre-crime and preemption.

Recent books include State Crime and Resistance (Elizabeth Stanley and Jude McCulloch) and International Students and Crime (Forbes-Mewitt, H, McCulloch, J and Nyland, C). Her latest book is Pre-Crime: Preemption, precaution and the future.

Professor McCulloch is on the editorial boards of a number of international refereed journals and reviews regularly for leading publishers, academic journals and national granting bodies such as the Australian Research Council.

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