Judith Shaw


Judith specialises in labour markets and livelihoods in developing countries, with a particular focus on women’s work. Within this broad field, she has published on microfinance, microenterprise development, labour migration and remittances, ICTs and development, and livelihoods in post-disaster contexts.

She has worked in Sri Lanka, India, Fiji and Papua New Guinea and has conducted consultancies and collaborative research projects with AusAID, the World Bank, the ANZ Bank, the Sri Lanka Export Development Board, Plan International, the Foundation for Development Cooperation, Australian Volunteers International, the Sri Lanka Free Trade Zone Workers Union and other Australian and international partners.

From 2006 to 2010 she was the lead investigator on two ARC Linkage Projects:

  • Leveraging remittances with microfinance: an investigation of synergies between small-scale financial services and migrant remittances in six developing countries in the Asia-Pacific region: Fiji, Indonesia, the Philippines, Samoa, Sri Lanka and East Timor.
  • Rebuilding sustainable communities: a comparative study of housing and livelihood projects in regions of Sri Lanka and India which were affected by the Asian tsunami of 2004.

Among her other recent projects are studies of Sri Lankan migrant housemaids in the Middle East, working conditions in the Asian garment manufacturing sector, mobile telecommunications and female entrepreneurship in Mumbai, and social networking and cyber-safety in developing countries.


Commissioned Reports

Refereed Working Papers

  • 2008 – Migration and Remittances in Sri Lanka: Development Policy Issues, MAI Working Paper Series

Edited Books

  • 2006 – Building the Links: Remittances, Microfinance and Development, Foundation for Development Cooperation, Brisbane 

Refereed Journal Articles

  •  2012 – (forthcoming) M Mulligan, D Mercer, J Shaw, Y Nadarajah, I Ahmed: Lessons for Long Term Social Recovery Following the 2004 Tsunami: Community, Livelihoods, Tourism and Housing,Environmental Hazards 2012
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  • 1999 – A World Bank Intervention in the Sri Lankan Welfare Sector: The National Development Trust Fund, World Development 27, 5, 825-838 

Non-Refereed Journal Articles

  •  2010 – I Ahmed and J Shaw: Calamity and Aftermath: the Sri Lanka Experience, Indian Ocean Digest 26, 1, 57-78
  • 2002 – The Impact of Location on Microenterprise Performance: Evidence from Sri Lanka,Development Bulletin 57, March
  • 1997 – The Flagship Has Sprung a Leak: Structural Adjustment in Ghana, Development Bulletin 40, January

Chapters in Books

  •  2010 – M Mulligan and J Shaw ‘Achievements and Weaknesses in Post-Tsunami Reconstruction in Sri Lanka’, in P.P. Karan (Ed): The Indian Ocean Tsunami: A Global Response to Natural Disaster, University of Kentucky Press, US, 237-260
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Conference Presentations

  • 2008 – A Babar, J Shaw and M Vicziany: Mobile Phone Access and Usage Among Female Microentrepreneurs in Bombay City, 17th Asian Studies of Association conference, July 1-3, Melbourne http://arts.monash.edu.au/mai/asaa/aneelababaretal.pdf
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Expert Commentary

  • Transcript of a recent public debate on ABC Radio National: Remittances – flying money. Contributions by Dr Judith Shaw, Monash Asia Instiute and others.