Julie Tullberg

  • Julie teaches digital journalism and sports reporting in Monash University’s School of Media, Film and Journalism. She is pursuing her PhD in sports digital journalism.

    Julie has worked as a journalist since 1990, and enjoyed a career at News Corp for more than 20 years. Julie was formerly the Herald Sun’s Homepage Editor, Night Digital Editor and Sports Digital Editor (Nights). She is the School of Media Film and Journalism’s Website Coordinator and Journalism’s Industry Liaison Chair.



    Refereed Conference Proceedings

    Tullberg, J.C., 2013, Twitter Abuse of AFL Footballers, Proceedings of  Redrawing the Boundaries: Journalism Research, Education and Professional Culture in Times of Change, Journalism Education Association of Australia (JEAA), Mooloolaba, Queensland, Australia, December 2013.


    Interdisciplinary Collaborations

    Melbourne Cup’s Greatest Moments, Herald Sun and News Corp Australia mastheads, 2013

    Project Coordinator, Monash University

    Herald Sun: Melbourne Cup’s greatest moments from 1960s onwards

    Herald Sun: Media Puzzle’s win in 2002 captures Australian hearts

    Herald Sun: Iconic moments that shaped the Melbourne Cup


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