Recently Karen presented her research on mendu theatre of Natuna at the international seminar on Identity and World Views of the Sea People (Orang Laut) and Land-Based Malays in the Riau Archipelago (8-9 January 2013). She also presented her research on sakura masked theatre of West Lampung Sumatra at the Southeast Asian Performance World Symposium at Bangkok University (1-3 February 2013), at the international seminar of Southeast Asia Malay Arts at the Indonesian Arts Academy in Padangpanjang, West Sumatra (23-24 November, 2012), and at the international conference on Building Society through Science: Dignity and Prosperity at the Univesitas Syiahkuala, Banda Aceh (28-29 November, 2012).

Karen is co-authoring a book based on field trips on the performing arts of Indonesia’s Lampung province. This will be the first scholarly work on the much-neglected performing and ceremonial arts of Lampung.

Research Projects

Contributing author to the joint ARC-funded initiative (2012-2015) between Monash University, the University of NSW, Nanyang University and the University of Copenhagen, researching theatre arts in Riau.

Research and Teaching Areas

  • Contemporary Asian performance
  • Performance studies concepts and cultures
  • Theatre history
  • Theatre performance practice-as-research
  • Intercultural theatre and performance practices and theory

Additional Research and Teaching Areas

  • Shakespeare in Asia
  • Performance Studies Theories and Concepts
  • Asian theatre
  • Cross-cultural/transnational theatre and performance
  • Ethnography; fieldwork methods
  • Interdisciplinary courses in performance studies and non-Western performance studies
  • Indonesian-Malay language, beginners to advanced including honours

Administrative Experience

Karen has over 14 years of combined administrative experience associated with conducting and being in charge of courses at 6 major universities: the University of California Berkeley, Monash University, The University of Melbourne, LaTrobe University, Deakin University, and Swinburne University; and also as Director of an Education Centre and of Lingo Australasia P/L.