Researching in the Archives

Handling the Close Roll for 49 Henry III was a thrill!
Handling the Close Roll for the politically-dramatic year 49 Henry III was a thrill!

I’m just back from a successful, whirlwind research trip to the UK, presenting new work at two major meetings, attending a third, and spending two weeks in the Bodleian Library, Oxford, and The National Archives, Kew (London). For researchers working in Australia on medieval topics, visits like this are essential, although also exhausting, since we do not normally have access to medieval textual remains in manuscript form. My visits in Oxford and London were tailored to address this issue. I photographed a large number of manuscripts and documents related to current and planned projects in order to have the materials readily to hand in visual form over the coming year. I would like to extend my sincere thanks to the History Program in SOPHIS for supporting my trip.


  • Visiting Oxford in 2016

    In November and December 2016 I am honoured to be a Visiting Fellow of The Oxford Research Centre for Humanities (TORCH).

  • Teaching Innovation Recognised

    My teaching approach has been recognised with a 2016 Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning in the Australian Awards for University Teaching

  • Encountering Magna Carta in the Middle Ages: Out now

    How did medieval English people encounter Magna Carta? What did they think it meant? How did they use it?

  • Vice Chancellor’s Citation for Teaching

    I’m honoured to have been awarded the Vice Chancellor’s Citation for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning in the Early Career category for 2015

  • Magna Carta in the Capital

    Magna Carta has been celebrated in Canberra throughout the 2015 anniversary. In October, I contributed to the final public symposium at Parliament House.

  • Medieval Lego: Out Now!

    I’m proud to have been involved in a wonderful publication on medieval history for children vibrantly … Continue reading Medieval Lego: Out Now!

  • Gender and Authority in 13th Century Letters

    How was authority gendered in 13th century administrative letters? See my recent chapter in “Authority, Gender and Emotions in Late Medieval and Early Modern England” to find out.

  • Expo Assessment Takes Off

    This year in Medieval Europe, one of the first year history units I coordinate, my tutors and I trialled a new assessment strategy, which seems to have paid huge dividends in student (and staff!) engagement.

  • Magna Carta Mayhem

    2015 marks 800 years since Magna Carta was agreed between King John and his barons, and I’m getting involved in commemorations.

  • #MedFemList goes viral

    #MedFemList is a hashtag which aims to bring the work of excellent female medieval studies scholars to global attention. It’s working.

  • Visiting Fellowship in Lincoln, UK

    I’ve recently been appointed as International Visiting Fellow in Medieval History at the University of Lincoln, UK. I’ll be visiting between 17 June and 19 July.

  • New Project on Anonymity

    I’ve just secured some seed funding for an interesting new project on meanings of medieval anonymity. The project will begin in June with a trip to UK libraries and archives.