Dr Keith Wilson


Keith has been a lecturer in History/Politics since 1989. He has an interest in community development and transition issues (member of the Centre for Rural Communities).


Keith’s broad research area is the the American Civil War. He is particularly interested in race relations in the Union army, and the social impact of military service on the citizen soldiers. Other aspects of the Civil War that interest him include: prisoners of war and Civil War biography.

In addition to Civil War studies he is interested in American slave culture and the way slaves made the transition from slavery to freedom.

As well as the above United States related research interests, he has research interests in the following Australian areas: Racism and race relations, American cultural influences in Australia, Australian prisoners of war, the development of Australian regional communities and the transition of Australian students from high schools to universities.


  • Keith P. Wilson Campfires of Freedom: The Camp Life of Black Soldiers during the Civil War ( Kent , Ohio : The Kent State University Press, 2002)
  • Keith Wilson ed. Honor in Command: Lt. Freeman S. Bowley’s Civil War Service in the 30 th United States Infantry(Gainesville, Florida: University Press of Florida, 2006)