Associate Professor Kerry O’Brien







Research Areas: Aggression and violence; Stigma, prejudice & discrimination,  Health and Social Policy; Alcohol and Gambling Policy; Addiction. Promotion of alcohol in sport; Alcohol, masculinity & substance misuse and harms (violence, antisocial behaviour).

Research Publication Profile:

Teaching Areas: Stigma, prejudice and discrimination;  Social determinants of health; Social & Health Policy; Applied Social Psychology;

Service Roles:                                                                                                 A/Editor, Addiction
Director of the Behavioural Sciences Lab at Monash                                                    Chair of Research Committee, School of Social Sciences
Australian Health Policy Collaboration, Expert Member (Alcohol)                           Monash Faculty of Arts Promotions and Probation Panels

Qualifications: PhD ( 9/2004); BA (Hons, 1st Class), University of Otago, New Zealand.

Career:   My first academic position following my PhD was at the University of Wollongong (2006) where I taught courses in the social determinants of health, health policy, health promotion, and social psychology. I was recruited to the University of Manchester late 2008. At the Uni of Manchester I taught courses in health and social psychology, social determinants of health, and health policy at years 2, 3, and postgraduate level. I also supervised honours and postgraduate students from psychology and medicine. I began teaching at Monash University in the School of Social Sciences in 2011 where I teach courses in behavioural studies (social inclusion, stigma, prejudice, and discrimination, applied social & health psychology; social & health policy).                                                                                

Postgrad Research Supervision: I’ve supervised over 35 research students (PhD, Masters, and Honours), and currently supervise 3 PhD students and 2 honours students.

Professor Rebecca Puhl (UConn/Yale)
Professor Janet Latner (University of Hawaii)                                                           Associate Professor Albert Espelt (Agència de Salut Pública de Barcelona)                 Dr Dermot Lynott (Lancaster University)                                                                   Professor Sophia Jowett (Loughborough University)                                         Professor Ilana Pinsky (Columbia University, and Universidade Federal de São Paulo) Professor Konstandina Griva (National University of Singapore)
Professor Peter Miller (Deakin University)                                             Professor Matthew Martens (University of Missouri)                                           Professor Ted Ruffman (University of Otago)
Professor Jackie Hunter (University of Otago)
Associate Professor Adrian Carter (Monash University)
Professor Greg Kolt (University of Western Sydney)                                             Professor Kypros Kypri (Newcastle University)                                                            Professor Robin Room, CAPR

Research Expertise:
Experimental design and program evaluation (Quantitative/Qualitative Analysis)
Psychometrics (Scale/measure development and validation)
Survey Design and Implementation
Health Policy Analysis
Assessment of implicit (unconscious) and explicit social attitudes and cognitions.

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