Dr Lesley Pruitt

Dr Lesley Pruitt is a senior lecturer in Politics and International Relations. Lesley’s research focuses on recognising and enhancing youth participation in peacebuilding and promoting gender equity in peace processes.

Originally from the US, Lesley worked in Congress before moving to Australia to complete her postgraduate studies. A Truman Scholar and Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar, Lesley received her undergraduate degree from Arkansas State University and her Masters & PhD from the University of Queensland. Prior to joining Monash, Lesley held academic appointments at the University of Melbourne, Victoria University, and RMIT University. In 2012 she also served as a visiting research fellow at George Mason University’s Peacekeeping Operations Policy Program in Washington, DC.

Lesley has conducted fieldwork research in Australia, Northern Ireland, Laos, the USA, Colombia, India and Liberia. She is currently a chief investigator (along with her colleague Dr Katrina Lee-Koo) for the YWCA/DFAT research partnership project “Mobilising Young Women’s Leadership and Advocacy in Asia and the Pacific”

Her latest book, The Women in Blue Helmets: Gender, Policing & the UN’s First All-Female Peacekeeping Unit is available through the University of California Press. Earlier works include her book, Youth Peacebuilding: Music, Gender & Change, available through SUNY Press, and a number of academic journal articles in outlets such as International Feminist Journal of Politics and Australian Journal of Political Science.