Groupings: (I) singly authored pieces, (II) co-authored pieces (excluding reviews etc.), (III) books, (IV) critical notices and book reviews, and (V) published abstracts of papers delivered to conferences. Some of these publications have ‘Lloyd Humberstone’ as the name of the author while others have ‘I. L. Humberstone’. The entries are in reverse chronological order (latest first, that is). See also (VI) for some unpublished material.

I. Singly Authored Articles and Discussion Notes

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II. Jointly Authored Articles and Discussion Notes

Note: a subscripted ‘1’ on the word ‘with’ means that I am the first-named author, a ‘2’ that I am the second-named. The same convention is used for co-authored entries in Sections III (Critical Notices and Reviews).

(with2 Tomasz Kowalski) ‘An Abelian Rule for BCI – and Variations’, Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic 57 (2016), 551–568.

(with2 Rohan French) ‘An Observation Concerning Porte’s Rule in Modal Logic’ Bulletin of the Section of Logic 44 (2015), 25–31.

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III. Book(s)

Philosophical Applications of Modal Logic, College Publications, London 2016.

The Connectives, MIT Press, Cambridge, Mass. 2011.

IV. Critical Notices and Book Reviews

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V. Published Abstracts

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VI. Unpublished Material

“Errata for Philosophical Applications of Modal Logic”

“Propositional Attitudes: Some Logical Issues” (Selected Papers 1982–1997).

“How Not to Think About Modal Definability: A Modal Axiom From G. E. Hughes”.

“The Consequence Relation of Tautological Entailment is Maximally Relevant: Answering a Question of Graham Priest”.