I have supervised 36 HDRs to completion in many research fields, and particularly enjoy working with research students in music and performing arts who think outside the box, and those who wish to acquire skills in the Music Archive of Monash University (MAMU). My research interests include the history and ethnology of traditional musics of the world, especially Southeast Asia; the study of musical instruments; diaspora and culture contact studies; martial arts and body percussion music; and practice-based research.

My current supervisions include Edi Riyanto on hip-hop music in Yogyakarta, Sharifah Faizal and Mitchell Morrison on aspects of Indonesian music, and Estelita Rae on performance decisions articulating violin style.

Recent completions include Elizabeth Sellars on editing, interpreting and performing Pinto’s violin music, Lisa Young on adapting Konnakol into contemporary vocal performance, Ari Palawi on music of Aceh’s Banyak Archipelago, Nadia Widyawati on Malay music of Sarawak Malaysia​, ​Anthea Skinner on Australian military bands of World War II and Kerrin Hancock on transplantation and migration of Jewish liturgical music from Eastern Europe through South Africa to Australia.

Current PhD candidate supervisions:

  • Zen Zeng – Manuel de Falla’s Fantasia Baética, the power of flamenco and the question of performance practice.
  • Sharifah Faizah Syed Mohammed: The history and development of Lagu Seriosa in the context of musical nationalism
  • Edi Dwi Riyanto: Jogja Hip Hop Foundation and the Politics of the Yogyakarta Kraton
  • Mitchell Morrison: Talo Balk music in Lampung, Indonesia.
  • Estelita Rae: Performance Decisions Articulating Violin Style.

Recent PhD completions:

  • Ari Pahlawi: The Malay Music-Culture of the Urang Pulo in Kepulauan Banyak, Sumatra
  • Elizabeth Sellars: Editing, Interpreting and Performing George Freerick Pinto’s Duet in G major: A Case Study in Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century English Performance Practice
  • Anthea Skinner: Marching Forwards, Looking Backwards: Change and Continuity in Australian Military Bands 1930-1955
  • Lisa Young – The Eternal Pulse – konnakol performance practice in contemporary voice.
  • Nadia Widyawati – The Identity of the music culture of the Melanau People of Sarawak.
  • Kerrin Hancock – Three-way transplantation of select Jewish liturgical music from Lithuania through South Africa to Australia.
  • John Garzoli – New musical forms in Thailand resulting from musical and cultural fusions.
  • Iwan Dzulvan Amir – Sing, Adapt, Persevere: dynamics of traditional vocal performers in the Islamic Region of Aceh from the late 19th to the early 21st century.
  • Lauren Rubin – The shakuhachi and the didjeridu: two case studies of historical iconology, performance practice and their relation to avian respiration and song.
  • Nona Monahin, 2014: The balletto suites in the choreographic manuals of Fabritio Caroso and Cesare Negri: a study of danced suites in Italy during the sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries
  • Iwan Amir, 2010: Change in the Music of Aceh in the 20th and 21st Centuries