Professor Emerita Marian Quartly

  • Marian Quartly is Professor Emerita of Australian history in the Monash School of Philosophical, Historical and International Studies. She has recently completed work with a team of scholars on a four-year ARC funded project investigating the history of adoption in Australia. The book the Market in Babies: Stories of Australian Adoption was published in November 2013 by Monash University Publishing. Here are the book’s Table of Contents and its Introduction, and you can read reviews of the book here.

    Her research has ranged across nineteenth century and twentieth century Australia, covering the history of nationalism, the family, religion, and the construction of male and female sexualities. Currently she is completing a history of the National Council of Women of Australia, written with Adjunct Professor Judith Smart.  A foretaste of their research can be found in the online exhibition of the lives of NCWA presidents, Stirrers with Style.

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