AMR-scapes (Antimicrobial resistance: Science, Communications and Public Engagements) (ARC DP170100937, 2017-19)

  • Investigators:  Associate Professor Mark Davis (Lead), Professor Andrea Whittaker (Anthropology, Monash), Associate Professor Mia Lindgren (Media, Monash), Professor Monika Djerf-Pierre (Science Journalism, University of Gothenberg), Professor Paul Flowers (Health Psychology, Glasgow Caledonian University).
  • Indicative output

Delivering Behavioural Insights and developing research capacity to combat Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) in Scotland (Health Protection Scotland, 2016-2017)

  • Investigators:  Professor Paul Flowers (Lead, Health Psychology, Glasgow Caledonian University), Lesley Price (GCU), Associate Professor Mark Davis, Darren Langdridge (OU), Tim Chadborn (Public Health England), Kay Currie (GCU).

Antimicrobial stewardship within diverse communities: inclusive clinical and community interventions (Monash Research Provost’s Office, 2016-17)

  • Investigators:  Professor Andrea Whittaker (Lead, Anthropology, Monash), Associate Professor Mark Davis, Professor Allen Cheng (Infectious Diseases, Monash), Professor Michael Dooley (Pharmacy, Monash), Dr Chris Lemoh (Dandenong Hospital, Monash).