Dr Matthew Laing

Dr Matthew Laing is a political scientist specialising in issues of leadership and policy, Matthew is a lecturer in political leadership with a particular background in United States politics and leadership in democratic systems. Matthew is also research fellow for Project A3.3 of the CRCWSC, looking at the dynamics of policy-making on water and planning issues in Australia, the nexus between science and policy in Victoria, Queensland and Western Australia, and capacity-building for scientific  and research leadership in policy spaces.

Matthew has a long standing interest in matters of leadership and policy, from both theoretical and empirical standpoints. His PhD was completed at the Australian National University in 2012, with his thesis concentrating on a theoretical and empirical development of the leadership cycle theories of Stephen Skowronek. Subsequent work and publications have focused on leadership in political parties and in policy processes, as well as leadership capacity building in a range of contexts, particularly policy-making.

Matthew has a track record of work in comparative contexts, particularly in the United States where he has worked for the United States Congress and for the Global Leadership Project at Boston University; and the Netherlands, where he has worked for the National Police of the Netherlands and Utrecht University. Matthew continues to be interested in comparative political and leadership studies, and has a number of ongoing research projects studying leadership and policy across political boundaries.

Key Areas of Interest: Leadership, Public Policy, Comparative Politics, United States Politics

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