Matthew Piscioneri – BA, MA, PhD

Matthew-Piscioneri-20140211-112255_DA18540Dr Matthew Piscioneri lectures in the School of media, Film & Journalism at Monash University, Australia. He obtained his doctorate in Philosophy in 2004 from the University of Queensland, Australia where his dissertation developed a critical reading of Jurgen Habermas’s Theory of Communicative Action.

His research examines the internationalization of universities, ethical issues in student care, the delivery of teaching and learning resources at university and tertiary reading requirements. Reports on two recent research projects can also be found on this site: “Student Mobility & Employability” and “Student Preferences for the Delivery of Teaching & Learning Resources”. 

“My research interests and my teaching are closely linked. I am presently engaged in a critical study of the ‘international’ academy as well as the pre-departure academic orientation of international students, in particular, the issue of what I am terming the “academic culture shock”.  

Presentations and conference coordination

  • March, 2014, “The Problems with problem-based learning [PBL]”, Bond University, QLD;
  • December, 2013, “Student Mobility + Employability: a match made in heaven”. Hanoi National University of Education;
  • December, 2013, “The Problems with problem-based learning [PBL]”, University Utara Malaysia, Kedah, Malaysia;
  • December, 2013, “Student Mobility + Employability: a match made in heaven”, Monash Malaysia, Sunway campus, KL;
  • March, 2008: “Evaluating the Effectiveness of Teaching Delivery Modes in Higher Education: Vietnamese and Australian Perspectives” at Vietnam National University in Hanoi and Tay Ngyuen University;
  • July, 2008: Coordinated and presented at the E-Symposium 20 Years of Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL): Contemporary Perspectives on Teaching and Learning: ;
  • November, 2008: “History of Ideas: A Culture of Inquiry, a content-based approach to teaching EAP”, 10th Annual International Conference of the Foreign Language Education Research Institute at Seoul National University;
  • November, 2008: “An introduction to Second Life: teaching in virtual worlds” (with A/Professor Jim Peterson, co-author Debbie McCormick) and “The Minimalist Reading Model: Re-evaluating Glosses and Annotations” at “Rethinking English Language Education for Today’s Vietnam” Conference, Hanoi, Vietnam;
  • November, 2008: invited foreign observer at the International Symposium: University Ranking: Global trends and comparative perspectives in Hanoi, Vietnam;
  • April 2009: 2 presentations at Yunnan Normal University Kunming, China at the “Foreign Language, Culture and Education” symposium;
  • July 2009: “The Minimalist Reading Model”, Edu09 Conference, Barcelona, Spain;
  • Seminar presentation at the Institute for Educational Technology Italian National Research Council, Genoa, “Evaluating Student preferences for delivery of T/L resources”;
  • Seminar presentation at Cybermetrics Lab CCHS – CSIC, Madrid, “Evaluating Student preferences for delivery of T/L resources”.

Conference & Seminar coordination

  • October 2010: Finding Peace in the Nuer Region of Southern Sudan through Dialogue, Monash University (1/10-2/10/10);
  • November 2009: New Trajectories in the Internationalisation of Higher Education: Sharing policies, practices and pedagogies, international symposium, Kuala Lumpur, Monash University Sunway Campus;
  • April 2009: coordinated and attended the Designing and Delivering Blended Learning in a Second Language Context at the Women’s College, Dubai, UAE;
  • 2007-8: four Monash-based seminars with guest speakers on teaching and learning (The Hype Cycle, A/Prof Garry Allison, Curtin Uni; Teaching in 2nd Life, Mr. Scott Grant, Monash University; The Korea Experience of ICTs in HE, Professor Okhwa Lee, Chungbuk University; Mr. Reymond Voutier CEO, eNotus Issues of knowledge management and information infrastructure in Africa and the Middle East);
  • July 2008: public seminar Trends in Vietnamese Higher Education at Monash University City Campus;