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  • The MSI 2013 Annual Activity Report contains information and updates on programs such as the UN-SDSN and NRM in Asia, and on Areas of Impact such as Presentations, Publications & Representations. It is attached here as a PDF: MSI_2013 Annual Activity Report ; also a direct link: http://www.monash.edu/sustainability-institute/about-us/publications/   Read more
  • On 10 Sept 2013, Heathmont College held a successful Asian Intercultural Day for around 100 students from 5 primary schools in the area. Students participated in Batik, Mask, Akido and Dance activities. After lunch, I gave a presentation highlighting some of the cultural and ecological diversity that makes up Asia, focusing specifically on Nepal, Korea ... Read more
  • Monash University Visit to Hasanuddin University // Written by intnews // Tuesday, 28 May 2013 06:50 //   On Monday, 27 May 2013, Dr. Max M. Richter and his wife, Dr. Tina Kalivas, both from Monash University visited Hasanuddin University to discuss the possibility of cooperation with Hasanuddin University. The two visitors were welcomed by Vice Rector for Planning, Development and Cooperation ... Read more

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  • The Asia Education Foundation (AEF) National Conference 2013, ‘Equipping Australian Schools for the 21st (Asian) Century’, was held at Etihad Stadium (Melbourne) 12-14 Aug, and included 550 delegates and several prominent guest speakers. For the Conference Dinner, delegates attended a preassigned restaurant based on their area of focus (the Australian-Muslim connection, Japan, China, India, or ... Read more
  • Indonesia Council Open Conference 2013 / University of Tasmania / Hobart, 11-12 July 2013 // Dr. Max M. Richter / Monash University / max.richter@monash.edu //Indonesia’s 2009 Presidential Election: Some Ethnographic Dimensions // This paper casts light on some under-represented facets of elections in Indonesia, in this case the 2009 Presidential Election. While for context it ... Read more
  • “Institutional strengthening, Australian Development Awards Fellowships and Community Engagement in the Context of REDD+” // Dr Tina Kalivas (Monash Sustainability Institute) and Dr Max Richter (Monash Asia Institute), Monash University, Australia // Monash University’s program of activity in Indonesia addresses several themes including: community engagement, institutional strengthening, peaceful inter-group relations, sustainable development, poverty reduction and ... Read more
  • ‘Causal Explanation for Social Scientists masterclass led by Prof. A.P. Vayda: Monash Sustainability Institute and Anthropology at Monash University supported a Causal Explanation for Social Scientists masterclass led by Professor A.P. Vayda, Adjunct Professor at Monash University, held at the Monash Asia Institute from 19 to 26 November 2012. Most participants were doctoral students from ... Read more
  • As well as having the good fortune of Dr. Aline Scott-Maxwell launching ‘Musical worlds in Yogyakarta’, Sawung Djabo played some of his great songs, including ‘Yogyakarta’. He was later interviewed on SBS Radio by Sri Dean: http://www.sbs.com.au/yourlanguage/indonesian/highlight/page/id/244063/t/SAWUNG-JABO-AND-HIS-MUSIC (part one); http://www.sbs.com.au/yourlanguage/indonesian/highlight/page/id/244067/t/SAWUNG-JABO-ANAK-ANGIN.WAV (part two) Read more
  • New Book on Southeast Asia / Anthropology: ‘Musical Worlds in Yogyakarta’ by Max M Richter 
(ISBN: 978-90-6718-390-1, July 2012, 222 pp, paperback) Publisher: KITLV Press // ‘Musical Worlds in Yogyakarta’ is an ethnographic account of a vibrant Indonesian city during the turbulent early post-Soeharto years. The book examines musical performance in public contexts ranging from the ... Read more
  • Interview with Dr Arnusianto Mage and Mr Tampung Saman by Mr Nuim Khayath on ABC Radio Australia, during the 10-week Australia Leadership Awards (ALA) fellowship program at Monash University (Monash Sustainability Institute). http://www.radioaustralia.net.au/indonesian/radio/onairhighlights/kearifan-lokal-untuk-menyelamatkan-hutan/1011054 Read more
  • Youth Leaders of Today, Nation Builders Tomorrow // Official AAYS coverage and outcome of the Summit – Nicholas Metherall // The First ASEAN-Australia Youth Summit (AAYS), held in Melbourne on the 28th of July, opened a new pathway for dialogue and collaboration between the many different student councils of Southeast Asia in Australia. Overall the event can ... Read more
  • Broadcast: Thursday 5 April 2012 6:40PM What kind of music do you get when you mix Deep Purple with the essence of Arabic, Indonesian and Bubble Gum Pop? The answer is Dangdut, a wildly popular style of music in Indonesia, which some say should be given UNESCO status. But Dangdut is not without controversy, our guests ... Read more
  • Public Interaction, Street Art and Enviro/Social Inclusion in Indonesia Max M. Richter, Director, Monash Asia Institute, Monash University /   Commercial districts and neighborhood laneways across Indonesia form social arenas where millions of people ‘hang out’, gossip, build alliances and pursue business. Street music, graffiti and related expression found in these settings are very often vessels through ... Read more
  • Introducing Bapak Untung Basuki, songwriter Read more
  • Forest, Rural and Urban Musical Markers in Indonesia: South and Central Kalimantan in Comparative Perspective   Dr Max M. Richter Director, Monash Asia Institute, Monash University, Australia Email: max.richter@monash.edu   This paper is part of a multi-sited ethnographic study that compares musical performance and intellectual forums in terms of their potential or actual roles as arenas of education on cultural ... Read more
  • Yogyakarta court performers Yogyakarta court performers. Read more
  • MAI Occasional Seminar “ ‘Knowledge’ – Development Elixir or Hegemonic Discourse?” Dr Anna-Katharina Hornidge, Department of Social and Cultural Change, Center for Development Research, University of Bonn/Germany Thursday 8th March 2012 Read more
  • My career background traverses the industrial sector as an instrument technician, social-cultural anthropology in the academic sphere, guitar-playing across many genres and contexts, and extensive Indonesian in-country experience, firstly as a professional volunteer at a religious INGO and then with MSI on collaborative research projects with Australian and Indonesian social and biophysical scientists and educators ... Read more