Mia Treacey, Stuart Levy & Meighen Katz, Australian Awards for University Teaching


Mia Treacey, Stuart Levy & Meighen Katz, Australian Awards for University Teaching

2012 winner,  Award for Programs that Enhance Learning – widening participation Australian Awards for University Teaching. At the recent 2012 Australian Awards for University Teaching the Diploma of Tertiary Studies was a winner!

Dr Mia Treacey, Dr Stuart Levy & Dr Meighen Katz

We won an Award for Programs that Enhance Learning in the category of Widening Participation. The awards are run by the Office for Learning and Teaching (OLT), Department of Industry, Innovation, Science, Research and Tertiary Education (DIISRTE) 

What the OLT said about us:

The Diploma o f Tertiary Studies (DoTS) is a Monash University initiative to increase participation in higher education in some of Victoria’s most disadvantaged regions. Designed for students from backgrounds of low socioeconomic status with records of modest academic achievement. DoTS is a central component of Monash University’s social inclusion strategy. Commencing in 2000 with 40 students at Monash. Gippsland. DoTS now operates on three campuses with a planned intake of 300 students across seven faculties for 2013. Since 2000. 836 students who commenced in DoTS have graduated with a Monash University Bachelor degree. DoTS is a supported pathway, equivalent to the first year of a Bachelor degree. designed to address learners’ identityies and aspirations as well as skills acquisition. An immersion- rather than preparation – program. DoTS allows students to study six standard first year units concurrently with two core first year DoTS units. Students in DoTS demonstrate potential and desire for learning, but for a combination of institutional. cultural and economic reasons. have been unable to gain direct access to university. The socially inclusive pedagogy and curriculum of DoTS meet the learning needs of these students and prepare them with the concepts. confidence and skills to succeed in undergraduate study.

Team members: Dr Stuart Levy, Dr Mia Treacey & Dr Mieghen Katz