Professor Michael J. Selgelid

Director, Centre for Human Bioethics

Professor Michael Selgelid is Director of  Monash University’s  Centre for Human Bioethics and the World Health Organization (WHO) Collaborating Centre for Bioethics therein–and he is an Adjunct Professor in the  School of Public Health and Preventative Medicine.

He holds additional appointments as Monash-Warwick Honorary Professor in the Department of Politics & International Studies at the University of Warwick (UK); Academic Visitor in the School of Philosophy, Research School of Social Sciences, at the Australian National University (Canberra); and Honorary Lecturer in the Centre for Values, Ethics and the Law in Medicine (VELIM), School of Public Health, at the University of Sydney.

He is a member of  the Board of Directors of the International Association of Bioethics and member  of the Scientific Committee of the Brocher Foundation in Hermance (Geneva), Switzerland.  He serves on the Ethics Review Board of, and has been involved in an Ethics Consultation Project with, Médecins Sans Frontières.  He is a member of  the General Ethical Issues Sub-committee of the Alfred Hospital Ethics Committee (in Melbourne).

His main research focus  is public health ethics—with emphasis on ethical issues associated with biotechnology and infectious disease. He has well over 100 publications in bioethics. He co-authored Ethical and Philosophical Consideration of the Dual-Use Dilemma in the Biological Sciences (Springer 2008) and co-edited On The Dual Uses of Science and Ethics:  Principles, Practices, and Prospects (ANE E Press 2013);  Ethics and Security Aspects of Infectious Disease Control: Interdisciplinary Perspectives (Ashgate 2012); Emergency Ethics (Ashgate 2012); Infectious Disease Ethics (Springer 2011); Health Rights (Ashgate 2010); and Ethics and Infectious Disease (Blackwell, 2006).

He edits a book series in Public Health Ethics Analysis for Springer and a book series in Practical Ethics and Public Policy for ANU E Press. He is Co-Editor of Monash Bioethics Review and an Associate Editor of Journal of Medical Ethics.

Michael earned a BS in Biomedical Engineering from Duke University; and a PhD in Philosophy from the University of California, San Diego, under the supervision of Philip Kitcher.


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