New Book–Ethics and Security Aspects of Infectious Disease Control: Interdisciplinary Perspectives

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Christian Enemark and Michael J. Selgelid (eds.)  Ethics and Security Aspects of Infectious Disease Control:  Interdisciplinary Perspectives.  Co-edited by Farnham, UK:  Ashgate, 2012.  


‘An excellent composition of scholarly analysis and reflection. It helps to clarify the concepts, arguments and further needs for research, education and policy development in a contested area of Public Health. It is well composed and easily accessible, stimulating more work in this area. It has the potential to become a standard reference work.’
Ole Döring, Charité Universitätsmedizin, Berlin, Germany

‘The International Relations community is still coming to grips with whether deadly infectious diseases should be framed as a global security concern. This edited collection provides a novel multidisciplinary analysis of the dilemma, allowing the reader to consider the ethical implications of such securitizing moves. As such, the book is a constructive and worthwhile contribution that is accessible to both academics and policy makers.’
Sara Davies, Griffith Asia Institute, Griffith University, Australia

‘This multi-author, multi-disciplinary volume is an outstanding contribution to one of the most pressing problems the global community confronts today and in the future – how should we deal with the certainty of widespread outbreaks of naturally occurring infectious diseases as well as the possibility of deliberate or accidental release of pathologic infectious agents? The contributors to this book, all of whom are international experts, probe the ethical, social, economic and political foundations and consequences of programs of mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery for infectious diseases. It must be read by the wide audience involved in these issues – policy makers, academics, physicians and scientists, and the general public.’
Harvey Rubin, University of Pennsylvania, USA

‘The emergence of infectious disease as a security threat raises a series of ethical questions, which are too often overlooked. This important volume establishes not only the significance of these questions, but their range and underpinning philosophies. As such it is essential reading for both practitioners and academics interested in this field.’
Colin McInnes, Aberystwyth University, UK

‘As infectious disease control measures garner more and more attention from policymakers and academics, Enemark and Selgelid’s volume is particularly timely and vital. Bringing together experts from a wide variety of disciplines, they provide a comprehensive overview of the ethical, security, economic, and health challenges that disease outbreaks present – and do so in a clear, lucid, and easily understood manner’.
Jeremy Youde, University of Minnesota Duluth, USA

‘Infectious diseases do not recognize national borders. However, nation states are organized to respond to the challenges of epidemics by securing national interest. In light of recent controversies regarding the oversight, regulation and biosecurity implications of H5N1 mutation research, this volume could not be more timely or relevant as it examines the intricate, complex and difficult issues at the interface of bioethics and security as related to infectious disease control. It is essential reading for all involved in global public health and infectious disease control.’
Ross Upshur, University of Toronto, Canada

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