Adjunct Associate Professor Millicent Vladiv-Glover

  • I studied Russian, French and German at the University of Melbourne for a BA Honours degree, then completed an MA on the Russian 19th century novel and a PhD on Dostoevsky and Bakhtin , for which I did research at MGU ,(Moscow State University) on an ANU Exchange.

    I have lectured at Erlangen University and given guest lectures at Bochum, Hamburg and FUB (Berlin) as well as SUNY (Stony Brooke) and Columbia University.

  • The Russian court during Catherine the Great’s reign (1762-1796) was elegant, bristled with ideas of European Enlightenment and formed a hub for European writers, philosophers, artists, master craftsmen of all kinds and architects. Catherine elevated the Russian aristocracy into an elite class of educated courtiers. She introduced Montesque’s L’Esprit des Lois as the basis of ... Read more
  • OPENING ADDRESS by Slobodanka Vladiv-Glover – SLAVIC STUDIES Veszprem 28 May 2015 Members of the Institute of Literary and Cultural Studies, members of the regional committee of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences,dear colleagues and honoured guests. It is my great pleasure to represent Slavic Studies of Monash University in Australia at this international conference in Veszprem. The gracious town of Veszprem ... Read more
  • B a k h t i n 1 2 0 After Cognition: Word, Act and Culture as Event of Being. International Symposium in Honor of the 120th Anniversary of Mikhail Bakhtin’s Birth May 28-29, 2015 Univesity of Pannonia, Veszprém, Hungary Slobodanka Vladiv-Glover, Slavic Studies Monash U – Coorganiser and Keynote Speaker Dr Milan Orlic, Slavic Studies Monash U – Presenter Edward ... Read more
  • May 28–29, 2015 Venue: University of Pannonia, Veszprém, Hungary Abstract deadline: March 1, 2015 Conference languages: English and Russian The program committee: Géza Horváth (University of Pannonia), Árpád Kovács (University of Pannonia), Slobodanka Millicent Vladiv-Glover (Monash University), Katalin Szitár (University of Pannonia) Accepted Papers: Ferenc András (University of Pannonia, Hungary) Word, Object and Narrative  Edward Ascroft (Monash University, Australia) Kant with Sade through Dostoevsky  Antal ... Read more
  •   Wednesday, March 1812:00pm(Belgrade time)  – 2:00pm in UTC+01 10.00 pm EST Melbourne, SydneyTIME: Next Week, March 18th 2015  SKYPE FORUM VENUE: Belgrade, Institut za književnost i umetnost, Biblioteka Теоријски и књижевнокритички разговори ПОЕТИКА И ПОЛИТИКА ТРАНСКУЛТУРАЛНОСТИ поводом зборника ТРАНСКУЛТУРНА ДИМЕНЗИЈА СЛАВИСТИЧКИХ СТУДИЈА И КОМПАРАТИВНА КЊИЖЕВНОСТ Учествују: проф. др Слободанка Владив-Гловер, уредница зборника (via Skype from Melbourne) … See More ПРЕДГОВОР – PREFACE to Collected Volume: TRANSCULTURAL DIMENSION ... Read more
  • The conference aims to discover, among other things, how the entire sphere of the theoretical disciplines based on isolated thinking can be extended with the help of the modalities of the event of Being, which informs Bakhtin’s cultural metatheory or translinguistics, which is in essence a new phenomenology of perception. Read more
  • Andrew Dean Padgett 16 August 1978 – 4 January 2015   Andrew Dean Padgett began his university studies in 1997, in Aerospace Engineering at RMIT University.  Andrew completed his HSC in 1996, achieving a score of 98.5, excelling at maths. However, engineering as a discipline did not quite satisfy his inquiring mind with its philosophical bent. That is ... Read more
  • The Dostoevsky Journal: An Independent Review VOL 14 (2013) – VOL 15 (2014) Special Issue DOSTOEVSKY AND THE PHILOSOPHICAL TRADITION Editors: Slobodanka Vladiv-Glover and James Phillips The Dostoevsky Journal: An Independent Review is a refereed interdisciplinary journal promoting innovative approaches to the study of Dostoevsky’s works in a historical context and with reference to the European literary and philosophical canon. Manuscripts should be ... Read more
  •   Vol. 10, No. 2                                                                                               2014 TRANSCULTURAL STUDIES: A SERIES IN INTERDISCIPLINARY RESEARCH  SPECIAL ISSUE  THE SERBS AND MILES FRANKLIN IN WORLD WAR I IN DOCUMENTS, FICTION AND COMMENTARY Edited by Slobodanka Vladiv-Glover Abstract Miles Franklin’s sketches from the Balkan front are discussed in the context of Franklin as an Australian writer of “the soil” whose observations of the Serbian soldiers and life in the ... Read more
  • Edited by Slobodanka Vladiv-Glover Transcultural Studies: a Series in Interdisciplinary Research (Publisher: Charles Schlacks, Idyllwild, CA) Vol. 10 No. 2 (2014) THE SERBS AND MILES FRANKLIN IN WORLD WAR ONE IN DOCUMENTS, FICTION AND COMMENTARY   Read more

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