Narelle Warren

I joined the Anthropology program in the School of Social Sciences as Lecturer in January 2015. From 2006-2014, I was Research Fellow and NHMRC Postdoctoral Research Fellow (Part-time) in the Social Sciences and Health Research Unit in the School of Psychological Sciences at Monash University. I received my PhD in Public Health (Medical Anthropology/Women’s Health) from the University of Melbourne in December 2007. My thesis, entitled ‘Markers of Midlife: Interrogating health, illness and ageing in contemporary rural Australia’, explored the experiences of midlife women in an isolated regional community. In 2015, I am intending to conduct a 10 year follow-up with the women who took part in this study, as well as with new participants.

My research focuses on understanding the relationship between the lived experience of neurological conditions, biomedical representations of the brain and temporality, from both the perspectives of people living with such conditions and their informal caregivers. I am also interested in the social construction of ageing, and the role of gender in this. Much of my work to date has been concerned with understanding how (and what mechanisms underlie) people’s experiences of chronic conditions, including disabilities, vary by gender, age, geographical location, and culture. I am co-editor, with Lenore Manderson, of Reframing Quality of Life and Physical Disability: A Global Perspective (2013), an anthropological exploration of the concepts of wellbeing and quality of life.

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