• 1. Public and social policies for equality, rights and sustainable living systems.  The study of comparative welfare states and the nature and quality of publicly funded infrastructure typical of modern wealthy democracies to enable people to flourish in self determination.  Research into the impact of specific policy repertoires on people’s daily lives, with a focus on families, young people and women. The historic and contemporary roles of public and social policies in shaping Australian civil society, culture and the discursive and material spaces available to various groups for democratic engagement.

    2. Multiculturalism, immigration policies, settlement services, citizenship and human rights. The public policies and programs shown to facilitate the agency of migrant women as engaged citizens. Migrant women, national and international movement of labour, education, training and industrial issues, protection of human and citizenship rights.

    3. Tranformative social work and community development theory and practice, processes for social and cultural change, advocay and activism.

    4. Global knowledges, ontologies, decolonising research methodologies, ethics and professional/personal   practices.