Dr Patrick Spedding

Patrick Spedding is a Lecturer in English Literature, and Assoc. Director of the Centre for the Book, in the Faculty of Arts at Monash University.

Patrick’s historical scholarship is informed by a strong interest in editing and book history, especially the relationship between authors and readers with printers and publishers, forms of censorship and suppression, the availability of books in private and circulating libraries, annotation and the records of reading.

His research initially focussed on bibliographical problems posed by the works of Eliza Haywood (1693–1756), expanded into the area of eighteenth-century erotica, and has become increasingly focussed on eighteenth and nineteenth-century fantastic, gothic and supernatural fiction. This latter interest extends, in his teaching, from the roots of fantasy in the late medieval period, to modern forms of supernatural fiction, especially works featuring dark heroes, vampires or witches.

Patrick is the Honours coordinator for Literary Studies; he coordinates the Literary Studies stream of ATS4653 LLCL Honours Workshop; ATS3487 The Shadow of Reason: irrational literature in the eighteen centuryATS2914 The Dark Hero and Femme Fatale; and ATS2915 The Roots of Fantasy.

He has also supervised dozens of honours, Masters and PhD projects (including many creative writing projects) on a wide range of topics, but most commonly in the areas of fantasy and YA fiction.

Patrick maintains a personal blog for Research Notes and Informal Writing here.

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