My research operates across a range of disciplines, most prominently those of cinema studies, communications, visual culture, philosophy and aesthetics, but despite this variety it is underpinned by common theoretical interest in theories of temporality.  One of the key aims of my published worked is to explore the relationship between media types – principally visual media – in terms of their temporal differences. This has led to an examination of how movement is constituted in communication and forms the basis for understanding the affordances of each medium. Theories of corporeality and affect form an important part of recent research into time and movement and in future research this will be mapped onto digital technologies.

Published articles explore a range of topics including Bergson’s vitalism, cinema and foreseeability, time and recognition, communicating affect, futurism, modern dance and the implied movement in still images. I am currently working on a book that explores the relationship between processual theories of time and aesthetics and involves the examination of the importance of rates of change in understanding how the visual surface is constituted in different media.


PhD: Bordering Duration: The Shifting Surfaces of Materiality and Corporeality in Bergson’s Writings on Science. 2004.

Honours: Taking the Comic out of Comic Books. 1992

Journal Editorial

Paul was a member of the editorial committee on two issues (38.3 and 40.2) of the Melbourne based media journal Southern Review.  He is also the co-editor of issue 40.3 on the subject ofTestimonial Limits.

Conference Organisation

1997 conference for the Australasian Society for Continental Philosophy “Topologies.”

1996 conference for the Australasian Society for Continental Philosophy “Time and Memory.”

1994 workshop “When Worlds Collide: Science Fiction meets Theory.”