Dr Paul Muldoon

Dr Paul Muldoon


Paul Muldoon holds a BA (Hons Politics) and a PhD from Monash University.

He specialises in the field of modern political theory and has an active interest in democratic theory and practice,  political conflict and practices of reconciliation, post colonialism,  the politics of  identity and theories of the emotions.

Dr Muldoon is currently working on two large research projects. The first concerns the way societies come to terms with the past and the significance of practices of public mourning. The second concerns the ‘event of colonisation’ and, more specifically, the events in the colonial history of Australia that are forever revealing new potentialities within the colonial encounter.

Dr Muldoon is currently working with a multi-disciplinary research team funded by the Australian Research Council investigating the forms of resistance which processes of reconciliation have met in South Africa, Northern Ireland and Australia (DP 130101399).


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Book Chapters

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Dr Muldoon currently teaches the following undergraduate units:
  • ATS2354 Nature, Law and Revolution: Political Ideas in Context (with Michael Janover)
  • ATS2691  Politics, Violence and Memory
  • ATS3690 Reflections on Humanity: Truth, Freedom and Power (with Michael Janover)

Postgraduate Supervision

Silvio Bonazinga The Idea of Practice in the Political Thought of Michael Oakeshott. Dr Michael Janover and Dr Paul Muldoon
Marina Cominos The Art and Politics of Transfiguration in Nietzsche. Dr Michael Janover and Dr Paul Muldoon
Samantha Balaton-Chrimes

Citizens-Minus: Rights, Recognition and the Nubians of Kenya

Dr Michael Janover and Dr Paul Muldoon