Paul Thomas

Coordinator Indonesian Studies, School of Languages, Literatures, Cultures and Linguistics

Ketua Program Kajian Indonesia

Paul Thomas is the coordinator of the Indonesian Studies program at Monash and teaches across many of our language and culture units, including at the introductory and Intermediate levels. At the Advanced level, he coordinates two specialist units. The first focuses on journalism and the second on theatre and film culture, both are taught in Indonesian. At the post graduate level, he teaches on the Masters of Interpreting and Translation Studies.

His current curriculum project is based on a compilation of recorded interviews of Indonesians talking about their use of the media to be used by advanced students. The study materials developed from the project will assist students understand the relevance of the media in Indonesia today as well as provide analysis and discussion of different social and regional language styles used in modern Indonesian.

In research, Paul is currently writing on the history of the English language press in Indonesia.  The study reviews the 200 year history of a somewhat intermittent press with particular reference to its role as a portal for the translation of news between neighbouring countries.