Dr Peter Groves

I was educated in the UK at the University of Exeter, and at Cambridge University, where I wrote my Ph.D on Shakespeare’s metrics.

I came to Monash in 1980 (for a two-year appointment!) and now teach poetry, Shakespeare and other Renaissance English literature as a Senior Lecturer in literary studies in the School of Languages, Literatures, Cultures and Linguistics.

My publications on metre include a theoretical monograph (Strange Music: The Metre of the English Heroic Line, ELS Monograph Series 74, Victoria, B.C.: University of Victoria, 1998), a monograph called Rhythm and Meaning in Shakespeare: A Guide for Readers and Actors (Melbourne: Monash University Publishing, 2013) and a series of articles on editing and performing Shakespeare and on the rhythms of poets from Chaucer to Philip Larkin.

I have also published (with Dr Geoffrey Hiller) an edition of Samuel Daniel’s poetry, an an annotated anthology of the seventeenth-century Theophrastan character, and an anthology of literary writing about the English country house; we are currently preparing an anthology of literary writing about London, 1558-1914.

I am currently working on the broader theory of verse-movement, and have just completed an article on the ontology of the caesura in neo-classical versification.


Institution: Cambridge University
Year awarded: 1979
Institution: Exeter University
Year awarded: 1975

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