Peter Howard

  • Associate Professor – Director, Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies/ Deputy Dean, Faculty of Arts

    I hold a PhD in history from Monash University (1991), and have also completed advanced studies in theology through the Melbourne College of Divinity and Corpus Christi College (1972–1980).

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  • ‘”A paradise inhabited by devils”: lay reform as imago Dei’, invited speaker, Symposium: Modus vivendi – Religious Reform and the Laity in late Medieval Europe, 21 – 22 May, 2015, Finnish Institute at Villa Lante, Rome. Organizer and Opening Speaker: Renaissance Religions: Modes and Meanings in History 4-5 June 2015 Villa i Tatti: The Harvard University Centre for Italian Renaissance Studies and ... Read more
  • The Dean congratulates Assoc. Professor Peter Howard on his recent win for outstanding teaching at the Monash Teaching and Research Awards Ceremony.  Associate Professor Peter Howard – 2012 Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Teaching Excellence. Associate Professor Peter Howard is a historian of Renaissance and Medieval Europe who seeks to understand how effective communication takes place within and between ... Read more
  • Creating Magnificence in Renaissance Florence (Toronto: Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies, University of Toronto, 2012). A superb and deeply learned study that overturns conventional readings of the key Renaissance concept of ‘magnificence.’ Nicholas Terpstra – University of Toronto A well researched, closely argued, and carefully constructed study of the influence of preaching on the attitudes of leading ... Read more
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