Peter Howard

  • Associate Professor – Director, Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies/ Deputy Dean, Faculty of Arts

    I hold a PhD in history from Monash University (1991), and have also completed advanced studies in theology through the Melbourne College of Divinity and Corpus Christi College (1972–1980).

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  • “Languages of the Pulpit: the preacher as translator in Renaissance Florence,” invited speaker, “Interactions between Latin and the Vernacular in Early Modern Europe”, Villa I Tatti, Florence (21 November) Monash Prato (22 November), 2013. “The doctrine of natural law in the Summa and sermons of  St. Antoninus of Florence,” Colloquium on natural law in the 15th and 16th centuries, ... Read more
  • The Dean congratulates Assoc. Professor Peter Howard on his recent win for outstanding teaching at the Monash Teaching and Research Awards Ceremony.  Associate Professor Peter Howard – 2012 Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Teaching Excellence. Associate Professor Peter Howard is a historian of Renaissance and Medieval Europe who seeks to understand how effective communication takes place within and between ... Read more
  • Creating Magnificence in Renaissance Florence (Toronto: Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies, University of Toronto, 2012). A superb and deeply learned study that overturns conventional readings of the key Renaissance concept of ‘magnificence.’ Nicholas Terpstra – University of Toronto A well researched, closely argued, and carefully constructed study of the influence of preaching on the attitudes of leading ... Read more