• Semester One 2013

    • ATS1312 Modern World Events and Issues
    • ATS1369 Understanding University Learning

    Semester Two 2013

    • ATS1898 Understanding Globalisation and Social Change
    • ATS1370 Knowledge and Context


    With acknowledgements to PostSecret.

    In the first week of tutorials students in some tutorials for ATS1369 were asked to make a postcard (anonymous) for the ‘PostSecret @ DoTS’ project. Students were asked to chose from one of two topics:

    • what I am most excited about now that I’m at university
    • what freaks me out the most now that I’m at university

    Some chose to create two postcards and answer both.

    Here are the secrets so far … recognise yourself in any of them? All of them?

    (If you click on the images they open in a larger format)