Professor Rebekah Brown

  • Rebekah Brown is a Professor in the School of Social Sciences and a Director of the Water for Liveability Centre, both at Monash University. She is also the Program Leader of the ‘Society and Governance’ stream in the CRC for Water Sensitive Cities. In addition, Rebekah leads the Urban Water Transitions and Governance Team (UWTAG), an interdisciplinary research team focused on advancing more sustainable water futures.

    Rebekah’s research broadly aims to help guide and accelerate the realisation of more liveable, resilient and water sensitive cities. Her research is particularly focused on understanding the social and institutional transformations required to enable such a transition, in both developed and developing country contexts.

    Specific research themes include:

    • sustainable urban water governance;
    • social and institutional capacity building and change;
    • socio-technical transitions towards sustainability;
    • community perceptions and behaviour change;
    • transition scenarios and modelling;
    • green infrastructure and landscapes; and
    • creating liveable and resilient cities.

    To address these varied research themes, Rebekah adopts an interdisciplinary research approach, combining insights from disciplines such as sociology, institutional theory, science and technology studies, innovation studies and complexity theory.

    Rebekah’s work is used extensively within the water industry across Australia, and by international organisations such as the World Bank, UNESCO and the European Union.



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